Overview and Aspirations

At Gulf International Bank (GIB), we are committed to integrating sustainable finance principles across our business. In doing so, we aspire to embed sustainability across how we operate, deliver on ambitious sustainability targets, and offer a range of sustainable finance products and services.

We believe that finance can be a force for good and that we can help clients transition to a more sustainable economic approach. Islamic finance is part of our heritage, and we maximise the synergies between Shariah principles and sustainability.


Our Progress

Sustainability Targets


Climate and Energy Efficiency


Ambition: To help combat climate change



Sustainable Development Goals:



Our Commitment: We are committing to reducing our bank’s net carbon emissions by 2.5% annually for the next 5 years. 


Gender Equality



Ambition: To contribute to female empowerment


Our Commitment: We are committing to increase female representation across the bank, including among middle and senior management roles.

Background to Socially Responsible Investments

Gulf International Bank B.S.C. Licensed by the Central Bank of Bahrain as a local Conventional Wholesale Bank and as a Conventional Retail Bank (branch) C.R. 4660