GIB in the community

GIB Corporate Social Responsibility 

GIB is deeply committed to supporting CSR and sustainability initiatives which bring to life the goals and objectives of both Bahrain’s and Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030. GIB generally embraces initiatives and partnerships that directly change and improve lives in the communities we operate in, and that have sustainable and long-term positive results. GIB CSR focuses on areas that are of essential need within the community, these are the enablers that ensure continuous improvement and development of individuals and their lives which are: education, social development, women’s empowerment, vocational training and special needs.


To support GIB employees in giving back to the community, a volunteering programme was launched in Bahrain in January 2023 as part of sustainability-linked employee benefits.  Endorsed by GIB’s Sustainability Council, all Bahrain-based employees are granted a volunteering day in addition to their annual leave entitlement to allow them to carry out volunteering work at one of GIB’s approved charities. This is the first phase of the programme with plans in place for future expansion.

Bunyan Charity
GIB Saudi Arabia supported the Bunyan Charitable Society to enhance its efforts to improve the quality of residential and developmental programmes in the Eastern Province.
GIB Saudi Arabia partnered with Ithra to promote Saudi youth development through supporting creative and sustainable programmes and initiatives related to talent development and cross-cultural experiences.    

Environmental partnerships
As part of the sustainability agenda, GIB Saudi Arabia engaged with Environmental Friends Society in the Eastern Province and the Green Horizons Environmental Association in Riyadh, supporting their tree planting initiatives in Al Khobar and Riyadh on specific areas in need of
Children with Disabilities Association 
GIB Saudi Arabia supported the Children with Disabilities Association for their educational programme sessions where children with disabilities receive an educational programme according to their age and abilities. The rehabilitation sessions motivate the child’s linguistic, cognitive, social and motor skills using a range of tools to match the student's abilities. 

Jammaz Al-Suhaimi Scholarship Programme
GIB provides scholarships for two senior year qualified students from less privileged backgrounds to acquire education and qualifications in collaboration with our partner, Prince Sultan University, Riyadh, during each academic year.     


Saudi Food Bank
The non-profit charity Saudi Food Bank is specialised in distributing food to families, expatriate workers and individuals in need throughout Eastern Province. In cooperation with the organisation, GIB’s employees participated in Ramadan Food Baskets initiative helping to distribute the food baskets to the less privileged of the community. This is an ongoing association which began in 2023.


Bahrain Down Syndrome Society    
GIB participated in an annual event for Down Syndrome children for increasing awareness and endorsement of the condition. GIB also supports Bahrain Down Syndrome Society through donations to improve the quality of life of their students by providing them with technologies needed for their education and engagement with the community. This is an ongoing association and GIB has officially supported the society since 2015.


Forever Green Campaign 
In collaboration with Bahrain’s National Initiative for Agricultural Development, GIB participates in the Forever Green tree planting campaigns in Bahrain. These emphasise GIB’s long-term commitment to supporting a sustainable society by participating in carbon emission reduction and greenification initiatives to the benefit of all. The Forever Green campaign is part of Bahrain’s broader national afforestation effort and other agricultural policies aimed at protecting and regenerating green areas in Bahrain. Since the launch of the campaign in 2022, GIB has supported the initiative with planting over 340 trees in areas such as public walkways and bus stops in need of greenification. Prior to the Forever Green campaign, GIB has independently organised tree plantings in collaboration with various other government and municipal entities since 2016.


Bahrain Food Bank 
Bahrain Food Bank is run by Conserving Bounties Society (CBS), a non-profit, voluntary association specialised in collecting and packaging surplus food from hotels, restaurants, consumer markets and various special events and then redistributing the food to families, expatriate workers and individuals in need throughout Bahrain. GIB supports the society with donations and the bank’s employees volunteer and help with the distribution of the food parcels from the food bank during Ramadan. This ongoing association began in 2020.

Clean Up Bahrain
GIB is an official partner with Clean Up Bahrain which undertakes environmental initiatives such as beach clean ups and tree plantings. As part of the agreement, GIB employees participate in GIB exclusive beach clean ups and also join in the public clean ups and tree plantings organised by Clean Up Bahrain. 


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