Fast Finance for Micro and Small Enterprises in Saudi Arabia

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Fast Finance for Micro and Small Enterprises in Saudi Arabia

A strategic cooperation between SDB and GIB has enabled the launch of this new digital financing platform which provides swift and efficient access to finance for micro and small enterprises (MSMEs) in Saudi Arabia, using Beehive's modern financial technology solutions. 


MSMEs can choose between two products, Working Capital Finance or Term Finance, depending on their needs.


Working Capital Finance

Working Capital Finance provides flexible, short-term financing to quickly improve cashflow. Businesses can provide their invoices that will be financed up to 4 months.


Term Finance

Term Finance enables fast, flexible and low-cost borrowing for creditworthy MSMEs who want to expand, with terms loan up to 36 months.

  • Fast financing with competitive fees
  • No securities required
  • Simple process
  • Loan period up to 36 months
  • Shariah compliant
  • No fees for early repayment

Minimum Criteria

  • SAR2 Million revenue p.a.
  • At least 2 years in operation
  • Saudi registered company
  • Majority owned by a Saudi national
  • At least 80% of revenue via bank statement

The rate may vary depending on amount, loan period and risk criteria for each client.

Product Name Annual Percentage Rate Annual Fees
Term Finance 4%-10% 3%
Short Term Financing ( less than 1 year) 10% 1%-2% (Upon utilization of facility)

The Rates of Financing Products

قد يختلف معدل النسبة السنوى بإختلاف المبلغ وفترة الاستحقاق ودرجة الأتمان لكل عميل.

اسم المنتج معدل النسبة المئوية الرسوم الإدارية
تمويل لأجل ٤%-١٠% ٣%
تمويل قصير الأجل (أقل من سنة) ١٠% ١%-٢% (عند إستخدام التسهيلات)

اسعار المنتجات التمويلية

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