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GIB hosts event for staff and their children

GIB recently held an event for 75 children of the bank’s employees, ages 2 to 12 years, who visited their parent’s office in Al Dowali building, the GIB headquarters. This initiative comes as part of GIB’s efforts to help children understand what their parents do at work while they are at school, and to help them in their career choices as they mature. 


During the occasion, the children were given the opportunity to see where their parents worked, what they do during the day, as well as to meet their parents’ colleagues. An arts and crafts gathering was then organized, where children had the opportunity to paint on traditional clay money boxes that they could then take home as a souvenir from their day at the Bank.


This event falls under GIB’s new Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Programme ‘WAGIB’, in association with GIB’s Social committee which aims to support local communities.


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