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Effat University and Gulf International Bank Provide 15 Saudi Women with Professional Skills

Under the initiative “Women in Tech” training programme, and for the second consecutive year, Effat University and Gulf International Bank (GIB) celebrated the graduation of 15 Saudi women from the programme on Tuesday, 27th November 2018. The ladies were trained for 10 weeks completing courses including computer programming and systems and business skills development.


With this programme, Effat University, a private non-profit educational institution offering higher education to Saudi women and operating under the umbrella of the King Faisal Foundation, aims to help Saudi women enhance their employability skills and, in turn, raise the percentage of working women in Saudi Arabia in line with the objectives of   the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.


“Women in Tech” is designed to enable Saudi women and girls to develop their workplace skills by offering courses in computer science and professional development. This programme will support the creation of a strong base of female cadres with practical work skills, as well as skills in the field of Information Technology, helping them engage in multiple career paths that provide them with development and career progression opportunities. 


Dr. Haifa Reda Jamal Allail, President of Effat University, commented on the occasion, saying, “It is time now to work together to train Saudi women to join the workforce. Effat University’s primary aim is to empower women and provide them with a nurturing environment to achieve their dreams. This includes excelling in their personal and professional lives and making a contribution to society. Gulf International Bank has done a tremendous job training the ladies in the programme, and we are looking forward to further collaborations in the future.”


Mr. Abdulaziz Bin Abdulrahman Al Helaissi, CEO of GIB, added, "The sponsorship of this programme exemplifies GIB’s commitment to contributing to the enhancement of the position of Saudi women in the work place in line with aims and objectives of Vision 2030 and the strong and well diversified workforce needed to drive economic growth and advancement.”


GIB's social responsibility programmes are dedicated to supporting the communities in which the Bank operates through a range of sustainable development programmes and other local initiatives. Key among these programmes   are those that deliver long-term positive contributions in the development of youth career paths, women's empowerment, economic development and health and environmental awareness.


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