Meet Our People

Meet Our People

Steve Moulder


Since joining GIB London Branch in 1987 I have experienced an incredible journey; my passion and ambition to be a trader was first cultivated while studying at school. Prior to joining GIB I had gained a wealth of Treasury experience at Crocker National Bank, ABN and BNZ. Why did I choose GIB? In 1987, GIB had a clear vision and strategic orientation; management wanted GIB London to be the best Arab FX bank; and now GIB again has that unambiguous strategic vision and objective that attracted me so many years ago; GIB was and has been an ‘Employer of Choice’.

Nadia Ali

Risk Management

My career journey with GIB spanning over the last 16+ years has been very positive and exciting. My journey within GIB has been extremely rewarding. GIB recognises the efforts of its employees, and my hard work, dedication and commitment has enabled me to grow within the Credit Administration department from a Secretary to my current position.

Ali Muslim

Financial Control

My career journey with GIB started 12 years back in August 2002, after spending around 3 years with Citibank. I’ve always considered GIB as an ‘employer of choice’ and this was the biggest motivation for me to move to GIB. I must admit that the decision to move to GIB was the right decision and I’ve grown within the organization in terms of knowledge, skills and role.

Nawaf Kably

Human Resources

I joined GIB during a very important phase in March 2011 when the new strategy was introduced. The last three and a half years with the bank has been a truly remarkable roller-coaster journey for me, both functionally and professionally. During this exciting time, I have contributed directly to the realization of the bank’s strategic initiatives by seeking and hiring the right talent across different functions and levels, we are continuing with this journey till we achieve our goals.

Hamad Fakhro

IT Audit

Since joining the bank in 2012, my responsibilities have revolved around performing IT audits to provide reasonable assurance that the risk management, control and governance systems are functioning as expected and assist the bank in meeting its objectives and goals. The 2 years that I have spent with the bank have been very rewarding and dynamic. It is incomparable to any other working place