How We Recruit

How We Recruit


Our Recruitment Process

At GIB, we believe that that for us to continue to be a success, we need to recruit the very best people. That’s why we work hard at ensuring our process will match the needs we have with the right skills. In addition, we want to give you the chance to show us what makes you right for us and to learn about us through the process.

The process isn’t exactly the same for every role, but there are some parts that are the same for everybody. We will let you know exactly the steps you will have to go through before you start and tell you how long things will take.

Step 1 – Application:

Develop and assist the Program teams, so that a competent flexible, skilled and effective workforce exists at all times.

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Step 2 – Screening:

Once we receive your application we will check that you have the basic requirements for the role. If you have these, then we will want to speak to you. Sometimes at this stage we may not have the right job for you now, but would like to hold on to your details for something more suitable in the future.

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Step 3 – Assessment:

Depending on the role applied for, shortlisted candidates will be invited to the Assessment Center for further evaluation. This process includes series of tests measured against the requirements of the role.

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Step 4 – Interviews:

Applicants that successfully complete the initial assessment will then be invited to interview with us. The initial interview will examine the key skills required for the role you have applied for. We will also discuss the reasons behind your interest in GIB as a potential employer, and where applicable, your readiness to relocate to the job location. This initial interview may take place face to face, over the telephone, or by video interviewing. We will let you know what form this will take for the specific role you are making the application for.

Prior to meeting with us, you will receive additional information about the Bank and detail about the specific role you are interested in. You will have several opportunities during the entire recruitment process to ask questions and clarify any doubts that you may have.

We will ensure that all relevant information is shared with you, such as job location, country specific regulations, requirements, and family related information to assist you in making an informed decision.

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Step 5 – Offer and On Boarding:

If the interview is successful, you will receive a formal offer letter from GIB. Once you accept, we will then start the process building up to your first day.

Please note that upon receipt of an offer from GIB, you will be required to provide the following:

  • Employment References.
  • Medical Reports.
  • Education Certificates.
  • Other documentation as required by local labor law

Our recruitment team will provide you with more information on what documents are needed and advise you on the next steps prior to joining GIB.

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